Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 5 WSET

Decoding Spirit Label Assignment

Find 2-3 example  labels for the spirit styles we have looked at in this week's activities and containing terms covered in Chapter 20 of the textbook.
Create at least 2 discussion topics and reply to at least 5 other posts explaining what the terms listed on the label tell you about the spirit in the bottle, and based on this week's reading.

Jim Beam Black Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Aged 8 years

Bourbon whiskey can be made throughout the United States but Kentucky is the most important state for Bourbon whiskies. A Bourbon whiskey must be 51% corn. The corn will produce a spirit that seems sweeter than other grain-based spirits. This bottle has been aged for 8 years in heavily charred new American oak. This is 4 years longer that the original Jim Beam so I would expect a fuller body and a little more caramel and a smoother oak flavors like sweet coconut, vanilla and spice.  It is amber in color from the oak. It is 43% abv.

Tequila Oro Jose Cuervo Especial, 40% alc

This is a Joven/gold/oro tequila so it is unaged and colored with caramel.  It will be at least 51% blue agave, I would expect flavors of grass, citrus, earth and pepper with sharp alcohol.  Because this is an unaged Tequila the flavors will be sharper without aromas of vanilla and spice. The quality will not be as good as a tequila labeled with 100% agave. Resposado and Anejo will be a much higher quality Tequila.

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