Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Eve Tapas event (2015)

Mike and I enjoyed the company of good friends on Thanksgiving eve. Thanks Penny and Jan for joining us.  My good friend Dianne assisted in preparations the day before.  That too is a fun event accompanied as well by good wine. A big thank you to Claire Dailey for wine and food pairing ideas, co-owner of Nov & Somm

Below is the menu.

Below is a photo of the wines served. I absolutely loved the champagne. I purchased the Muscat Canelli especially for Jan as she likes sweet wine.  The Girasole was recommended by Dennis Kohl from Cellar 70.  For a sweet wine, this was actually good and did pair well with blue cheese.  Thank you Brian Page Page Wine Cellars and Revolver Wine Co for making amazing wine. The cab was delicious and the Petit Syrah dessert wine was fantastic.  Claire, you were right, champagne does go well with something salty.  The popcorn with truffle salty was fabulous. I forgot to add to the list above, a fantastic sweet dip that Jan provided. It's delicious with fresh veggies.

I big thanks to my friend Dianne who came over on Tuesday afternoon to prep and sample wine, of course. Dianne brought the sweet potato hummus which had a little kick.

I tried a new empanada dough recipe from Ruth Riechle.  It has many stages but is a great thing to do while talking and sipping wine. The result is a beautifully flaky crust.  We opened an amazing Syrah from France, also recommended by Dennis Kohl.

Notes for the future.  I did not like the tomato Ginger jam or maybe it just didn't pair well with the empanadas. I loved the shrimp cocktail and will be capturing the cool way the shrimp were cooked.  The empanadas are delicious but SOOOOO time consuming to make.  Below is my first batch.  I need to make the slits deeper. The good news is that I made extra and froze them for our Christmas tapas event.

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