Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve Tapas menu, 2014

Claire, Mike and I had so much fun celebrating Christmas with Jan and Mike Pitzo!

Some old favorites made it to the menu again:
  • Hot Spiced Meatballs
  • Blue Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates
  • Shrimp-Cilantro Lime
  • Veggies with herb dip
Some new winners:
  • Crab Cakes via chef Patrick (Thanks Pat for sharing your recipe and coaching me from afar. I hope you are with us next Christmas.) served with corn relish.
  • Fig Empanadas (Thanks Katie, for the recipe. Love, love love these)
  • Caprese skewers
  • Manchengo cheese slice topped with a doplup of Dianne's pepper jelly and an almond
  • Jan's corn and bean relish served with chips
For dessert we had my mom's  Pecan Lazers with fresh raspberries.  Absolutely delicious with White Port from Prager.

We started the night with bubbles, of course.  Mike started with Miner Wild Yeast Chardonnay.  We also served Miner Grenache and Biale Black Chicken Zin. Yum.

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