Saturday, March 18, 2017

Exploring Languedoc-Roussillon

On March 14th we began our study of Languedoc-Roussillon wines. Thank you Dennis Kohl for helping me pick them out.

First we sample the white wines. My favorite was the La Ciboise. It was a blend of......
As we sampled the white wine we also sampled delicious cheeses provided by Jan: Brie, Swiss and Cammebert the delicious quiche made by Beth.  The quiche was a great pairing especially with the Marsanne. 
I love the way Jan labels the cheeses with the wines they best pair.

More about these wines later.....

Next we turned to dessert. I made a cherry sauce and sweet wine served brioche. It was so much fun making brioche for the first time.  It was so pretty and super delicious. We used Sauterne for the
sweet wine.
It was great to sample the red wines with Jan's spicy arugula salad and the salsa and onion relish that Dianne provided with baguettes.

More about the reds later....

Through all that tasting and analyzing the puzzle was also completed. Yeah puzzlers.  Thanks for coming with me on this wine journey.

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